Tuesday, November 8, 2011

MyLikes: Make money with Twitter

MyLikes is another way to get new followers on twitter and earn additional money from sponsored Likes. The company is already several months old but MyLikes offers one of the best earnings opportunities. You will get paid for each click a certain amount which MyLikes calculates after you signed up. This price is fixed until your score moves up/down. Payout is every Friday as soon as you reach 2$.

Influence your CPC-Score

To move your score, the ads have to be relevant for your Twitter audience. If you get a nice amount of clicks which might result in purchases or activities on the advertised websites, your CPC will move up after adjusting your account (done every two or three weeks). Posting irrelevant ads might lead in the future to a lower CPC for your MyLikes account.
The score is NOT depending on the amount of Twitter-Followers you have as i saw several MyLikes members (with less followers) who have a higher CPC than myself with more than 11.900 followers (mine is 0.43 $/click). It seems important, too, that you have more followers than you are following.

Become an MyLikes Influencer and win additional cash prizes for your recommendations!

Inside of MyLikes are different levels to become a better influencer. The more points you get (higher level you reach), the more often your Likes will be shown on the front page and after other members submit their Likes to the same topic.
There are several competitions running every month which highlight usually the best lists (for a specific topic - at the moment e.g. Best restaurants list and 8 other lists). To increase your chances in winning a 10$ cash prize, you should do the following actions
  • achieve the level of a Fiery pro (300+ points) in MyLikes, it just gives you better chances in winning one of the additional competition prizes (as they see you are active and helpful)
  • follow other members inside of MyLikes
  • recommend not only sponsored Likes (your paid ads) but what else you like (Pizza brand, Fast food chain, restaurants, movies, actors, mobile phones, computer, cars, clothes and so on), so that you can create some of the competition lists ;-)
  • comment on other followers Likes to encourage them to comment on your likes as well
  • write good recommendations for the Likes which you include in your competition lists
More opportunities to earn money with MyLikes

You can
  1. send a tweet to your followers on Twitter,
  2. make a blog post about the sponsored Likes and/or
  3. put a widget with the active sponsored Likes on your blog/website (similar to Google Adsense, only the MyLikes-CPC might be more lucrative)
and get paid by MyLikes every time they count a valid click for one of your sponsored Likes!


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